After the last bargaining session, The AEA and the district were not able to come to an agreement and will be seeking a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Although we have made progress on language items, we have failed to reach a fair and reasonable monetary agreement.

We hope to see you at the Alton Labor day parade Saturday, August 29th. We will meet at 9:30at the Alton Middle School pit close to the Annex gym. We will have a free t-shirt for any AEA members who walk with us.

Action Needed! Senate Bill 1229

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Announcements

Senate Bill 1229, supported by AFSCME and passed by the General Assembly in May, was vetoed by the governor. An override vote is expected in the Illinois Senate TODAY. If the override is successful in the Senate, the Illinois House will vote next week.

SB1229 is designed to ensure that AFSCME and the other unions currently negotiating with the governor continue to effectively represent state employees and remain able to continue to work effectively with IEA and other public employee unions to stop a governor intent on destroying all public unions.

Details of the bill are below. It is important to understand that “state agencies” refers to only those agencies directly accountable to the governor.
·         After the expiration date of the collective bargaining agreement and after a prescribed mediation period, either party can invoke the interest arbitration procedures as called for in the IPLRA.
·         The provisions of the expired agreement remain in full force until the arbitration is complete and a successor agreement is adopted.
·         The right to strike is not waived until the actual convening of the arbitration hearing.
·         This provision sunsets on June 30, 2019.
·         Following discussions involving top officials of all the major public employee unions, all unions with employees who are impacted by this proposal support its passage.

IEA originally took a “neutral” position on the bill. However, IEA now believes it is crucial that we, the state’s largest education employee union, must stand with AFSCME and all the public employee unions that have been targeted for destruction by this governor and send a clear message to the legislature that we support the override.

What you can do TODAY

Call your senator NOW
Urge him/her to override Governor Rauner’s veto of SB 1229.
Call toll-free: 888-412-6570

Please take a minute to read about HB 1286 Right to Work is hurting unions! They are voting on Thursday, May 14th so IMMEDIATE action is needed.

You can read the full details on the IEA page  –

On Thursday, the Senate education committee unanimously passed its version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization on to the full Senate.
We’re one step closer to a final bill but there’s a long way to go.

The current bill is an improvement over No Child Left Behind and from where Congress started this year. But more work is needed in the next few weeks to ensure every child has more opportunities for a quality education, regardless of their zip code.

Will you take a moment to ask your Senator to support these improvements?

They include:

  • Creating more opportunities for all students to receive a quality and well-rounded education no matter their zip code by adding an “opportunity dashboard” to ESEA
  • Guaranteeing students will have more time to learn by stopping high-stakes testing
  • Ensuring every student will have access to a qualified educator who is empowered to lead and instill in students a love of learning

This is a brand new action. If you’ve already contacted your Senator, that’s ok. We need your help pushing for these specific items to help our students and our schools succeed.

Please take a moment to write to your Senator now.

Thanks for everything you’ve done so far and for taking action now.

We’re almost there!

!Si se puede!

– Lily

Lily Eskelsen Garcia
National Education Association

P.S. If you know someone who has yet to step up for students, will you invite them here?

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Evaluation Workshop Resources

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Announcements

Attached you will find the worksheets and notes from the teacher evaluation/SMART goal workshop that was held March 14, 2015.  Please download the files, review them and keep them for your reference.  These files can also be located in the future under the “Member Resources” tab.

Reflection Workshop agenda



SMART Goal Basic Handout

SMART Goal Setting Tools for Teachers