AEA Election Results 2022

The AEA Election for Officers, Executive Board, Professional Negotiations Committee, and Region Council was held Thursday, April 21, 2022 and here are the results. A link is at the bottom to show actual voting results.
President – Bobby Rickman – High School
Certified Vice President – Jen Herring – East
Educational Support Professional Vice President – Lisa Embrey – East
Certified Secretary – Jerome (Jay) Jackson, Jr. – Middle School
Educational Support Professional Secretary – Leslie Rezabek – Eunice Smith
Treasurer (2 year term) – Ray Greenberg – Eunice Smith

Executive Board
Early Childhood Representative – Angie Garrett – Gilson Brown
Primary Representative – Jodi Lynn – Lovejoy
Intermediate Representative – Heather Decker – North
Middle School Representative – Bridget Lyles – Middle School
High School Representative – Nathan Bruns – High School
District Office/Maintenance Representative – Ann Norman – Horace Mann
Early Career Educator Representative – Kathleen Belloso – East
Educational Support Professional Representative – Kelly Davis – East
Ethnic Minority Representative – Candice Wallace – East

Professional Negotiations Committee (3 year term – 2022 – 2025)
Bobby Rickman – High School
Jason Chapman – North
Amanda Powers – West
Teresa Callies – East
Ray Greenberg – Eunice Smith

Region Council
Jen Herring – East
Kelly Davis – East
Amber D. Sims – Gilson Brown
Ray Greenberg – Eunice Smith
Corey Taylor – High School
Terri Morgenroth – North
Janele Knouse – North

Nomination forms will be coming out soon for Building Representative and notification of the date elections will be held.

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